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The Abslom Daak Adventures

Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer

by Steve Moore

Abslom Daak's premiere story. Daak is found guilty of some rather nasty offences and is given the choice between instant death and a one-man suicide attack on a randomly-selected planet in Dalek-controlled space. He chooses the latter. Instead of dying, Daak saves the planet Mazam and, more importantly, Taiyan, a Mazamian noble. Before they can settle down and raise family, Taiyan is gunned down by a stray surviving Dalek. Shattered by her loss, Daak vows to kill every damned, stinking Dalek in the galaxy.

Star Tigers

by Steve Moore

On Draconia, Prince Salander is trying to fortify his people's position against the encroaching Dalek Empire, but is meeting resistance from rivals in court. When an incoming space yaught destroys an armada of pursuing Dalek ships, he immediately realizes that the pilot may be of use in his efforts. The pilot is, of course, Abslom Daak.

Unfortunately, Salander's enemies make it impossible for them to stay on Draconia and they are forced to flee in a prototype armoured cruiser that Daak christens the "Kill Wagon." They head off to the planet Paradise, and then to Dispater to collect old acquainances of Daak's -- the Ice Warrior Harma and a human named Vol Mercurius to man the Wagon. The team quickly wipes out the Dalek force on Dispater and flies off into the sunset.

Between the Wars

by Seve Alan

Nemesis of the Daleks

by Richard and Steve Alan

The Kill Wagon is shot down over the planet Hell where the Dalek Emperor is overseeing the construction of a devastating new weapon, the Dalek Death Wheel. When the TARDIS materializes nearby, the Doctor stumbles across Kill Wagon and her ill-fated crew and is rescued from an over-zealous Dalek patrol by Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer.

The Doctor and Daak, along with several of the native Helkans take a Dalek cargo vessel to the Death Wheel and the Doctor is soon captured and sent directly to the Emperor for questioning. Before the Emperor gets a chance to exterminate the Doctor, Daak comes to his rescue again, dispatching the Imperial guard. The Doctor realizes that he must destroy the Death Wheel, but Daak refuses to allow the Doctor to sacrifice himself. The Helkans drag the Doctor off to escape in a cargo vessel. Daak flies his hover-pad into the central reactor of the Death Wheel, destroying it utterly.

Emperor of the Daleks

by John Freeman and Paul Cornell

Davros (after the events in the TV story, Resurrection of the Daleks) is taken to Skaro and put on trial by the Emperor Dalek for "perverting the destiny of the Daleks". He is sentenced to extermination, but before that sentence is carried out, a large asteroid is detected heading for Skaro. Meanwhile, the Sixth Doctor and Peri arrive on the planet. The Doctor implants a virus into the Skaro Computer Net. While the Daleks are singing Jingle Bells, the Doctor escorts Davros off the planet, dropping a hint about some weapon called the "Hand of Omega."

The Emperor, having been defeated, vows revenge on both the Doctor and on Davros. To do this, he will use the Daleks' other greatest enemy, Abslom Daak.

Sometime in the past, Daak was about to hurl himself into the central reactor of the Dalek Death Wheel. But this time, he is transported away at the last second. Three cloaked figures tell him he is on Earth and that they can save Taiyan's life. But first, they need him to find the Doctor.

The Seventh Doctor and Benny arrive on Hell not long after, it seems, Daak destroyed the Death Wheel. Salander, Harma and Mercurius are still very much alive and are recovering from their injuries. But just as they are getting reacquainted, Daak transmats out of nowhere, grabs the Doctor from behind and they are all transported back to Earth.

But it's not Earth, as the Doctor quickly discovers. It is Skaro, and they have fallen into the Emperor's trap! The Doctor is sent to be interrogated, where he willingly reveals Davros' location, and his companions have been turned into Robomen.

The Doctor leads a Dalek taskforce to the planet where Davros is hiding. But it is soon revealed that the planet is Spirodon! Davros has used the frozen Daleks there to amass an army of four million Daleks loyal to him. The two Dalek factions engage in battle. The Doctor frees the others from the mental bondage with the help of the native Spirodons and in the end, the Imperial Dalek taskforce is destroyed.

Davros and his Daleks take the Doctor and his newly chained companions back to Skaro for an all-out attack. Davros is able to reactivate the Doctor's virus, allowing him an easy victory. He exterminates the Emperor and is about to exterminate the Doctor as well, but Daak is freed from his bondage in time to slice Davros and his entourage neatly in two. The Doctor summons his TARDIS and they all leave for a quiet little epilogue at the Existentialists' Bar (formerly the Mars Old-Fashioned Alcohol Bar).

Meanwhile, back on Skaro, the Daleks are placing Davros in a casing not unlike that of the old Emperor's. His memory of recent incidents is damaged, but he remembers one thing: The Hand of Omega. The next time he and the Doctor meet will be their final confrontation.

Doctor Who - The New Adventures: Deceit

by Peter Darvill-Evans

Obscure Daak References

Abslom Daak occasionally gets mentions in other New Adventures and comic stories. These are the few I've come across. Please email me with additional submissions. Thanx!

NA: Love And War: by Paul Cornell

Màire, like Daak, is a Dalek Killer. Roisa finds here catching up on some news...

She popped her head into Màire's tent. 'Busy?'
The dreadlocked woman looked up from her book. 'Not really. Just reading about Daak. The story so far...'
'Daak's dead.' [...]
Màire smiled and shook her head quickly. 'We exile DK agent don't die. We get exterminated. There's a big difference.'
'Ah yes, about ten stone in corpse weight. D'you fancy a walk?'

(page 46-7)

Party Animals (DWM #173, Incomplete Death's Head #12)

Daak makes a small cameo in this strip (along with many, many other DWM comic characters).

[Daak, enjoying the party]

A kind soul scanned this out of the Death's Head reprint and emailed it to me. Unfortunately, I lost the email and never replied (fortunately not before saving the scans). Thanks!

NA: Happy Endings: by Paul Cornell

Well, everybody is in Happy Endings. It shouldn't really surprise anybody that Daak gets a nod. He can't make it to Benny's wedding, though...

'[...] This next one's a telegram. "All the luck in the world. Stop. Would visit. Stop. But first have to kill every stinking Dalek in the galaxy. Stop." And the bottom of this one is all' -- he held it up and flapped it -- 'sliced up.'

(page 239-40)

Death Race - Chapther 10 by Rebecca Dowgiert

Isn't fan fiction great?

Aiming, he squeezed off another blaster bolt and watched with satisfaction as it blew the top off yet another Dalek. The machine shrilled and spun around before exploding in a satisfying shower of sparks. "Abslom Daak's got nothing on me," Morok muttered smugly.

Decalog: Scarab of Death by Mark Stammers

Thanks to Derek Mills (and others whose names I lost with a harddisk) for pointing this out to me.

Before she could weave her way past giggling working girls, however, the door swung open and a heavily built man burst in. He carried a half-empty bottle and, from the way he was swaying about, Sarah judged that the rest of the contents were already inside him. His appearance was that of a bandit of a mercenary. Around his waist he carried a large blaster and across his chest he wore what appeared to be a string of grenades. Over the back of his heavily armoured shoulders was slung a large, sword-like weapon, its edges covered with serrated teeth.
'Hi girls, I'm back!' The man staggered further into the room whilst the girls cluttered around him, shrieking like a group of teenagers surrounding their favourite popstar. Sarah realized that she would have to skirt around the throng if she was to make good her escape. Just as she thought she was home free, a huge hand reached out and dragged her into the mass of bodies. She found herself face to face with the drunken man while his hands clumsily groped her.
'Well, hello there. You must be new. Why don't you and I go and get to know each other better, hmmm?'
Sarah's knee hit a bullseye. The oaf's eyes crossed and he collapsed to the floor on his knees. By the time he had managed to regain some of his breath, Sarah had broken free and fled from the room.
'I like her,' rasped the mercenary. 'She reminds me of my Taiyan.'

(pages 135-136)

The Hunter & The Killer by Sean Neuerburg

More fan fiction! A 'short sketch' wherein Abslom Daak meets some crazy Australian for the first (and last) time.

He took a long pull on his cigarette as he moved through the jungle. There was a Dalek base one hundred metres ahead of him. He knew he could make it into the base, and he knew that he might die when he got into it. But, hell, that's life. At least, that's life when you're a Dalek Killer.
Abslom Daak looked out into the trees. There it was. A steel door set into the wall. Two Daleks glided back and forth in front of it silently. Daak gripped his chain-sword. It was now or never...

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